WashBar Original Soap for Dogs

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WashBar Original Soap for Dogs has been carefully formulated to be perfect for everyday use while providing soothing and moisturizing benefits. The 100% natural ingredients include Neem Leaf, Lemon Scented Tea Tree Oil and Manuka Oil to provide a great wash that leaves your dog's fur naturally soft and clean. Every ingredient is carefully chosen to deliver powerful results.

Perfect for most dogs with normal skin, but gentle enough to use on dogs with a variety of mild skin conditions. It helps to soothe dry, itchy skin using the very best ingredients nature has to offer. It's an ideal dog shampoo for dry skin and itchy skin. It rinses out easily to leave fur soft and clean with a mild, fresh scent. Plus, it’s gentle enough to use as a puppy shampoo.

It's also super economical! Each bar contains the equivalent of over 20fl.oz. of liquid shampoo. And with no plastic bottles, our compostable cardboard box is great for the environment too.

Best of all, it's so easy to use. Create a do it yourself dog wash at home and save time and money. Check out our video below for how to use WashBar - you'll never go back to liquid shampoo once you've tried it! 

  • Saponified Sustainable Palm Oil
  • Saponified Coconut Oil
  • Vegetable Glycerin
  • Neem Oil
  • Lemon Scented Tea Tree Essential Oil
  • Manuka Pure Essential Oil
  • Neem Leaf
  • Titanium Dioxide
Because we are doing our bit to make a difference for planet earth our soap bars are box in compostable kraft boxes. That’s because we are philosophically opposed to unnecessary packaging.
When you’re finished, the kraft box can go into the compost. The cardboard display boxes can be composted as well or recycled.
  1. Wet your dog thoroughly and either rub the soap directly onto their coat or lather up into a sponge and rub in.
  2. Work the soap in with a good massage – being washed should be enjoyable.
  3. Rinse off thoroughly with clean water.
As with any soap, please keep out of eyes. In the unlikely event of any skin reaction to this product, discontinue use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Caitlin Smith
Amazing Product

Wow!!! We have a chocolate lab and we couldn't find anything that could eliminate that"wet dog" smell. After the first wash with this soap bar, he smells amazing and he is soft and shiny. The bar is super user friendly too. 5 stars 🌟 will never use anything else.

Mary Kunst
Mostly happy

I have washed my doggies twice now with WashBar and I’m pretty happy with it. It seems to take me a little longer to wash my dogs than with liquid soap, but I like that it is environmentally friendly, smells nice, and is gentle on eyes (I tried it on myself). I will probably need a conditioner for my floofy dogs.

Caleb Towers
Outstanding All-Natural Product!

My wife and I thought we would give the WashBar a go for our two dogs (one short hair and one long hair). After seeing what is in a lot of other dog soaps and shampoos, we decided to try a soap made with actual quality and natural ingredients. We are very impressed so far with the WashBar! It smells great and gives both our dogs a very nice clean leaving them feeling and smelling great. The dogs even love the smell! Our short hair dog also had some dry skin spots, and they are gone after using the WashBar just a couple of times. Yes, it is true that there are cheaper products out there, but it is also definitely true that you get what you pay for. You cannot go wrong with this amazing dog soap. Well done WashBar! Will definitely be buying more products in the future.

Marinne Cloward
Smells amazing

Easy to use and smells great!

Martin Silvestre

Have used it twice on my dog and it DIDNT work she is just as itchy as before! It left her clean but I bought it to alleviate her itching and scratching which it didn't do it worked like any other shampoo or soap for dogs!

Why use a bar?

It's super economical! Each bar contains the equivalent of over 20fl.oz. of liquid shampoo. And with no plastic bottle, our compostable cardboard box is great for the environment too.

It's just so much easier than liquid shampoo! Washing your dog with a bar gives you a free hand to hold your dog, there are no spills and you don't have to work against gravity to wash their tummy and legs.

Made in New Zealand with high quality, 100% natural ingredients. Contains no harsh chemicals, synthetic fragrances or colours, sulfates or parabens. That means no nasties for your pet.