About Us

Meet the pack

It all started a decade ago in New Zealand with a single bar of soap, hand-crafted for a friend's dog with skin allergies. After seeing the difference that first bar made, WashBar was born.

Made in New Zealand and sold in over a dozen countries, WashBar is now bringing sustainable, natural alternatives for pet care products to the United States.

As a family-owned business, WashBar is discussed at the dinner table most nights. The kids are savvy enough to negotiate extra allowance for WashBar odd jobs, and Badger is the company 'spokesdog'!

(Photo location: Martins Bay, New Zealand)

A picture of WashBar founder & CEO Louise and her family
A picture of WashBar CEO Louise Knight

Lou - CEO

Lou is loving spending her time on something more meaningful after spending time in an office, working for someone else.
Putting the consumer (in this case, the dog) at the center of everything she does, this is the reason she gets up in the morning.  She loves hearing from people – so shoot her an email and tell her about your day.

Away from WashBar, she is pretty handy on the golf course, and can be found chasing pars to improve the ever-elusive handicap.


A picture of Alice Smiley WashBar Operations Manager

Alice - Operations Manager (and Badger)

Alice is Lou's right hand lady, ready to help with whatever is needed. Her first task of the day is always a cuddle with Badger.

Badger is our beloved office dog. He's always keen for a tummy rub and loves that the office is by a river for his lunchtime walks.