Saving dogs from itching since 2010
Healthy Dog Skin. Naturally.

You dog will love the skin they're in with the WashBar range of all natural and sustainable bar soaps and paw balm.

Clean. Healthy. Beautiful.
Your Dog Will Love Their Healthy Skin

No more itching.

No more scratching.

No more paw pad cuts or splits.

They'll be out enjoying their exciting outdoors adventures in no time at all.


"I am seriously impressed. My sister bought some of this and it said it’s good for allergies so I decided to try it. She stopped scratching!!! 😲 I can’t believe it, almost nothing makes this dog stop scratching."


"This stuff is amazing! I was skeptical that a bar of soap could do the same thing as liquid shampoo. This soap lathered easily with plenty of suds and rinsed so much easier than shampoo."


Made in New Zealand | All Natural | Non-Toxic | Sustainably Packaged | Safe to Lick