Top 5 Reasons to Switch to a Dog Bar Soap From a Liquid Dog Shampoo at Home

A picture of a bar of WashBars original dog soap bar

You might be thinking, isn't bottled shampoo the only way to wash my dog?

Now there's a better way! A bar is just so much easier than liquid shampoo. Washing your dog with a bar gives you a free hand to hold your dog, there are no spills and you don't have to work against gravity to wash their tummy and legs.

Plus, each bar is super economical giving the equivalent of between 15 - 34 fl.oz of liquid shampoo depending on the bar. It's also better for the environment with no plastic bottle to dispose of.

"Forget liquid shampoos. This is much better, easier to manage while washing our furry friends. It rinses out fast and makes their bath-time less of a chore. I wish I bought this years ago!" - Jo