Help! Why is My Dog Itching So Much?

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As a dog owner, watching your pup itch itself crazy makes you feel truly awful. Lots of products on the market claim to work but the synthetic ingredients just exasperate the problem leaving your dog itchier than ever and you feeling helpless. 

We developed our Manuka WashBar as a natural alternative to medicated shampoos. The carefully researched ingredients include Manuka, Kanuka, Lemon Myrtle and Neem Essential oils. Each ingredient is chosen for it's soothing, itch relieving and moisturizing properties. Plus, with no nasty synthetic ingredients the Manuka WashBar doesn't inflame already irritated skin.  

This extra special WashBar will give your dog the relief it's been craving.

We receive a lot of great reviews but this one made us particularly proud -

"I got a 2 yr old Docker a month ago from a shelter. When we first met her coat was bone dry and her hair was falling out by the handful. I have been feeding her a high quality diet which has helped, but her flaky skin problem was off the charts.

The first bath I gave her was a decent brand ‘gentle’ puppy shampoo. I swear it just made the itching and dandruff worse. I did a lot of research before selecting this dog soap bc I did not want to keep making her problems worse. For one thing, I have issues with scented products. This has very little scent, mostly just a clean smell.

The real impressive part was the way it gently cleaned my dirty, itchy dog! When I lathered her up with it and rubbed it down into her coat she wasn’t fighting me. It cleaned her coat so well and rinsed out so easily. After she dried off the difference was AMAZING!! Soooo soft, silky and fluffy. Such a transformation. And so far no dry flaky skin. I would recommend this product to any dog owner! I will never wash my dog with anything else."

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