Do dogs need paw balm?

Picture of an adult dog raising his paw for some WashBar repair paw balm

There are a lot of paw balms on the market. You might be wondering, what does paw balm do? Does my dog need paw balm?

Paw Balm works in a few ways. It moisturizes dry cracked paws, it soothes tender paw pads and it helps keep paws in optimal condition to prevent damage. In the hot summer months surfaces such as asphalt roads, concrete and play areas get very hot. This can cause damage and discomfort to your dog’s paws. Other extreme weather conditions like snow and ice can be just as damaging to paws as road grit and salt can cause pads to become dry, cracked and uncomfortable. Paw Balm helps relieve the discomfort, repair the damage, moisturise and nourish the dry skin. 

There are however varying qualities of paw balm available. It's definitely a case of the old adage "you get what you pay for". Many brands use cheap fillers, synthetic ingredients and other nasties. It's important to choose a paw balm that has been created with your dog's paw health in mind. What's special about WashBar paw balm? Each ingredient has been selected with a specific benefit in mind. 

Our Paw Balm contains organic beeswax from New Zealand to soothe, apricot oil to nourish dry rough paws. What sets ours apart from the rest are our two extra special ingredients, Kanuka oil from New Zealand, a natural antiseptic & anti-inflammatory, and Copaiba oil, a natural anti-haemorrhagic. It's a special combination of powerful 100% natural ingredients to leave your dog's paws feeling amazing. As a bonus, because the ingredients are natural it doesn't matter if your dog licks it, simply reapply. 

We love getting reviews like this about our Paw Balm!
"WOW. After only three applications dog's paws are sooooo much softer and far less cracked than before use." - Dylan

Paw Balm can also be a helpful tool when dealing with treating hyperkeratosis to hydrate and soothe hardened skin. Find out more in this Canine Journal article. 

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