What's so special about Manuka Oil?

antibacterial antifungal antiseptic

You've likely heard of Manuka honey, but what about Manuka Oil?

Manuka Oil contains superpowered levels of the properties of Manuka Honey. The strength of its anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-microbial effects is what makes this oil so special. Because of these properties Manuka has been traditionally used by New Zealand’s indigenous Māori people for skin, respiratory and digestive ailments. 

Our Manuka pure essential oil is sustainably harvested on the East Cape of New Zealand from the leaves, branches and flowers of the Manuka Tree. The essential oil found in the leaves of the East Cape Manuka contains the highest levels of the active “triketone" compounds of any Manuka found in New Zealand and Australasia. 

We include Manuka Oil in many of our products because we believe it makes a real different to the health of your dog's skin. Having Manuka Oil in your dog's soap means they can benefit from its properties easily and conveniently.